Bayer wants EPA to issue “updated label” on Dicamba – claiming their growers now spread the toxic herbicide in the “right way”

If crinkled leaves and lower yield are all farmers are worried about while spreading cancerous pesticides on millions of acres of farms, we’re all in big trouble. After all, killing weeds is big business, but killing bees, butterflies and humans, well, that’s nothing to consider at all, according to biotechnology monster corporations like Bayer (which now owns Monsanto). Yes, all the sleezy chemical agriculture shills are slithering around the internet, pushing out the “Crop Science” propaganda about Dicamba all over their huckster websites and blogs, including via Genetic Literacy Project, a shameless “chem-ag” apologist front-group for Monsanto.

After complaints rolled in the past few years about the high drift and volatility of the controversial weed killer concoction Dicamba, Bayer’s shills and charlatans figure they’ll put some new words in the EPA officials’ mouths (and probably some money in their pockets) to change the label on their 60-million-pound-a-year poison they pour on American “tolerant” soy and cotton. Their goal is to preempt the regulatory decision by pretending that HOW the toxins are applied to crops matters at all, then hoping the EPA officials buy in to their propaganda and faked science.

“Tolerant” soy and cotton means the crops are genetically mutated in a laboratory to contain cancer-causing weed killer in their DNA

Biotechnology is the practice of inserting into plant seeds specific genes that kill weeds and bugs, while denying those same toxic genes have any detrimental affect at all on the environment, soil nutrition, or the health of insects, farm animals, and humans. Yet, once this insidious “crop science” kills off all the pollinating bees, butterflies, birds, and dragon flies, 70 percent of all edible produce will disappear from the Earth forever.

The ultimate propaganda “mantra” of all biotech shills is to refer to anyone who calls out this toxic form of weed and bug control as “anti-science,” even though they are really the ones denying the science that proves the chemicals are fueling the cancer and dementia epidemics that are sweeping across America. So it’s a “double whammy” to spray toxins all over crops that already contain carcinogenic genes in their DNA. Still, by next year, over 60 million acres of the U.S.A. will be doused with Dicamba, completely annihilating the migratory habitat of the monarch butterfly, just for starters.

Monarch populations have already dropped 80 percent in the past twenty years. Glyphosate is another deadly weed killer that’s eliminating Monarch butterflies by killing off milkweed, a native wildflower where Monarchs lay their eggs and the primary food source for the Monarch caterpillars.

Critically downplaying the volatile threat of Dicamba on milkweed, insects, and humans is essential for EPA approval

Biotech’s “weed experts” are running a gambit, sacrificing small losses in order to win big in their game of chemical chess. They’re willing to sacrifice a “pawn” (some minor regulations on use) in order to capture the “queen” (extend legal use of toxic Dicamba all across the United States corn belt while denying volatilization). Killing all the milkweed is the only way the biotech shills claim that farmers will be able to cost-effectively control other weeds. Again, the shills are fighting for their one-way street to environmental destruction, insect genocide, and human population reduction, and it’s all disgustingly disguised as “crop science.”

Dicamba drifts into crops that are not Dicamba-resistant, devastating them and destroying plant biodiversity across our country

Soybeans that aren’t bred in a laboratory to contain the weed-killer toxins shrivel up when doused with Dicamba. This is a massive problem in regards to plant biodiversity, a problem every biotech journo-terrorist is scrambling to cover up, before the EPA makes their decision about Dicamba use in the next few weeks.

According to research and statistics gathered by the University of Missouri for 2017, nearly 4 million acres of soybean were damaged by Dicamba drifts (offsite movement). This according to nearly 3,000 damage reports from injury cases under investigation. Imagine all the cases that go unreported by farmers intimidated by the thugs working for the cabal under the Chem-Ag monopoly known as Bayer/Monsanto. These reports mainly come from the center of our country, where state agriculture officials are begging the EPA to outright ban the killer herbicide, or at least limit its application.

Dupont, another ag-giant, also faces lawsuits over GMO lines of soybeans that are tolerant to poison spray. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) issued a report last February concluding that Dicamba is killing off milkweed, saying that Dicamba can not be used safely on soy or cotton. Thus, CBD is calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to let a two-year registration for its use expire this year.

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